Over the last 12 years it’s been a privilege to work with youth workers across the country – providing opportunities for people to learn and improve, and offering a space to seek God’s guidance for their youth ministry.

We’ve decided to take a break in 2016. We feel that’s the right decision at this stage in our journey and have felt called to consider the future carefully.

It’s well worth celebrating the way God has used Youthwork the Conference over the years. We’ve heard inspiring contributions from Mike Pilavachi, Andy Hawthorne, Justin Welby, Rob Parsons, Gavin Calver, Rob Bell and others from the world of youth work and beyond. We’ve seen new ground-breaking work and projects sprouting from chance meetings between delegates. And most importantly of all, thousands of people have been equipped to work with tens of thousands of young people in all kinds of contexts.

This isn’t the end. Please join us in praying about how we can best serve employed and volunteer youth workers with training and encouragement in the coming years, and let us know if you have any great ideas we could follow up. We’d love your thoughts on what the future might look like for Youthwork the Conference. We’ll be listening to God, and to you, and making plans to continue from 2017 if the calling is clear.